Weekly Update: April Week One!


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Dec 12, 2016
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Town: Vault
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Hello Maestreans

Here we all are, now in the month of April! How time flys. Hopefully everyone had an exciting and trolly april fools :p Here's the first weekly update for the month :D



Color coded each server's "»" in chat messages to help people easily identify who is on what server.
Dark Grey = Maestrea
Light Grey = Dungeons
Cyan = Elyssia Servers (Elyssia, Resource and Market)
Aqua = Creative
Purple = Build Event
Lobby = Light Red

-Added the Lobby server select across all servers, accessible by /connect

-Fixed the Discord rank /verify not working



-Fixed /up not working at P1 Guardian and /bright at P1 Immortal

-Fixed /jobs browse menu being filled with stone

-LWC works correctly again! This means you can all lock your stuff. If you've placed any new chests over the past week, make sure to /lock them!

-Lock keys now work on: Furnaces, Doors, Trap doors, Shulker boxes, Spawners

-Added Dungeon related perks to the perk descriptions of applicable ranks

-The Daily Bonus is back and it actually works properly! Visit the Parrot at spawn or type /reward every 24 hours to claim your prizes. Each consecutive day slowly gives better items.
(Subject to change as tweaks are made)

-Added Elyssia's explorer job to Maestrea! (If you have some levels in the job already on Elyssia make a ticket on discord an admin will assist you, make sure to include screenshots for proof).



-"Fixed" mob drops. Disabled the plugin (MergedMobs) that was causing the problem which we will work on fixing ASAP. In the mean time, enjoy mobs dropping items and exp once more!


Content Agenda

Mythics Mobs: Still working hard on the New Raid! ;) (Checkout discord for weekly teasers)
Relics: Speaking with the enchanter to empower the items!
QoL: Quality over quantity always!
Skyblock: Watching from above. :D

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Jun 15, 2017
Awesome update :)
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