Weekly Update: April Week Three!


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Dec 12, 2016
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Town name: Dark
Mayor: Mephistophiles
CoMayor: ZaraMc

Builders: Mephistophiles, ZaraMc


Hello Maestreans

Yet another week full of updates, how's everyone been doing this past week? Skyblock & RoE are still being worked, I cant wait until they're finalized and ready to be released! Anyways hope you enjoy this weeks update. :)

You can now also use /claim to the same effect of /reward. For Dungeons/Maestrea/Elyssia.

Easter 2019 is here! And there's an event going on on Maestrea. Link here: Easter Event 2019



-Added a new plugin which makes sponges work with lava like they normally work with water!

-New command has been added to Knight+ and Mythic+, do /shrug which posts ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ in chat.

-Added /maestrean command that teleports you right to the Maestrean crate.

-Fixed Repair Kits disabling your ability to right click for an hour.

-Added Nether, Mushroom Fields, Deep, Warm, Lukewarm and Cold Ocean biomes to Magical Seeds.

-Updated the Magical Seed menu, each biome is represented by a block in the biome, instead of just being grass!

-Fixed fish requiring the Mob flag toggled on within towns.

-Fixed Power Stone not giving Resistance 1.

-Purged inactive Towny and LWC data.

Disabling selling items on Auction House for the next week so we can convert the data saving to a different avenue in hopes it doesn't wipe after restarts.
Everyone MUST claim their expired items before Thursday the 25th otherwise anything unclaimed will be deleted and no refunds will be given as there will have been plenty of time to do it.



-Added a new plugin which makes sponges work with lava like they normally work with water!

-Fixed ChestShops not working.



-Added a GUI for the dungeons daily rewards. Open it with /dr and click on the latest uncompleted day to claim your rewards! Keep in mind, you have to be in dungeons to claim these.

-Fixed dying in a boss / dungeons respawning you within the same area and not spawn.

-Disabled Chorus Fruit teleport & flight across the entire Dungeons server.

-Fixed an issue where some players would spawn inside the Valentine's Map.

-Disabled the use of Dimensional Compasses and Timetraveller Wristwatches.


Easter Event 2019 updates/fixes

Due to a bug with /ccraft taking only 16 Egg Shells when crafting, created a new item called Reinforced Egg Shell. You need 16 Egg Shells to craft one of these, and 4 Reinforced Egg Shells to craft the Eggstreme title.

Anyone who had already crafted an Eggstreme title has had their title removed and been given 1 Reinforced Egg Shell (equivalent to the 16 Egg Shells you spent).

-Fixed Keys not dropping.

-Updated broadcast message.

-Increased $100 and $500 rewards to $1000 and $5000.

-Added Spring Pie.

-Increased Egg Shell Chance.

-Added x2 and x3 Egg Shells.

-Added more spawners throughout spawn.


Content Agenda

MythicMobs: Enderius's revenge grows stronger. (Check discord for teases and updates)
Relics: Always working hard to come up with the best relics :D
QoL: Weekly updates, and more weekly updates. :)
Skyblock: High in the sky!



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Jun 15, 2017
Awesome update :)
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