Weekly Update: April Week Three


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Town: GrimmCorp
Mayor: TheColorGrimm


That's right, you there! With the block! You look like you need some updates in your life. Well good news, bud, we've got plenty of them right here! What's that? Why are we yelling? Because we're excited!
At long last, just under a year from the release of the previous dungeon, Dungeon 6 has been released! Whoa!
We've also got a revamped "Community Spotlight" section that's definitely worth checking out. Read on to see all the awesomeness we've put together in this week's update, just for you!



Updated /staff as of April 9th

Fixed /refreshenchants

Fixed nicknames not working with color codes

Retired the Lucky brew due to public feedback

Resource and End worlds have been reset!



The Sky merchant is back!



Dungeon 6 has arrived! And with it, comes a bunch of new updates courtesy of Tankdest22. These update notes can be found in full on our Discord in the Updates channel. Be sure to check out the thread below for details!


Important Threads

Spring 2018 Brew Event!

Come one, come all! The Midnight Carnival has Arrived!


Staff Updates

Flexion_ has been promoted to Admin
has been promoted to Mod
shadyghost has been promoted to Helper
Austin595 has been promoted to Content



Community Spotlight

Last week, we had a poll to see what everyone would like to see in future weekly updates. After taking the results into account and discussing the possibilities, we've settled on adding two sections to this segment!

Kicking off our first ever Outstanding Player of the Week is...
We asked why they love Maestrea, they had this to say:

When asked who would be best fit to begin this new idea, many agreed that Lonewolf perfectly fit the bill. Most notibly, it was mentioned that this player had donating an whopping 25 Million to our newly promoted Admin, Flexion_, so he could ascend into the third Prestige tier, with no other reason other than being a kind member of our server.

The second part of our new spotlight is called the Community Challenge!
Each week we'll be setting forth a challenge for members of Maestrea to perform. This is completely optional, and it's not a competition: Your reward is in the work you'll be doing to help new players feel welcome and the overall good spirit of the server that you'll be helping to build.
For this week, we challenge you to follow the example set by Lonewolf and randomly give Newcomers/Newer players $100 five times this week. This should be done without prompting (Remember, no begging!) and only to those that could genuinely use a little jump-start in the world. Feel free to go above and beyond, we hope this will inspire you to give back to Maestrea :)


Content Team Agenda

What we're working on this week:
Mythic Mobs
: Hotfixes for Dungeon 6
Brews: Battling Csoi's Evil Twin
Relics: Teaching new members the art of ye ol' Relic making
QoL: Improving community goodwill!
Quests: Collaborating with Mythic Mob team for a spectacular surprise
Skyblock: Taking Suggestions for Challenges
Skyblock Challenge Suggestions

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Haha :) Awesome update and Player of the week, thanks! <3 <3

I love Maestrea for all the awesome people within the community and all of the friends I've made! FlexioN_ just happens to be my fave meme overlord xD


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Awwh, I love this, gratz Wolf, you're such a kind person <3
And thank you, Para, for another amazing update! :D