Weekly Update: April Week Two!


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Dec 12, 2016
United Kingdom

Town name: Florentia
Mayor: DenGroenneBaron
CoMayor: MarqnBG, Xilephoenix, KritKillHax
Builders: Angelios


Hi Maestreans

Welcome back to another weekly update! Has everyone had a good week? How many of you are excited for the new raid and skyblock when they're finalized and released? Hope you enjoy this weekly update. :D

There's currently a 25% off all boosters and keys for this weekend only. (Ends Monday, 12am EDT)
Visit the store here: store.maestrea.com
Town claims for Elyssia have now been added to the store!



-Fixed the mcMMO Smelting Double Smelt not working

-Removed all Valentines related stuff from /ccraft & the Challenge Master

-Fixed Barrels not working for Brews!

-Disabled the use of Chorus Fruit within towns with the Item (itemuse) <- Turn this permission off to stop people from doing so

-Added /brewguide to quickly get the forum link to the complete Brewery Guide!



Consecutive Daily rewards are now added to Elyssia, Everyday you log into Elyssia it'll automatically be claimed. You can check time ramaining for next reward by doing /reward. This also means daily 3% jobs bonus is back once you reach day 14!

-Fixed Trader's level 30 & 75 money boost perks!

-Fixed Explorer's level 30, 50 & 75 exp boost perks!

-Fixed Valentine's Cards not working

-Mob stacking is back and working on Elyssia again (Still looking into stacking not working on Inavir)



Check discord for the recent dungeons patch.
-=[Dungeons Patch]=-


Content Agenda

MythicMobs: Working hard on getting RoE finished. (Check discord for updates)
Relics: Collecting the finest materials and forging them into greatness
QoL: Bringing you the best Weekly updates!
Skyblock: Soaring... (Coming Soon)

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