Weekly Update: February Week 3!


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Aug 8, 2017
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From a new custom made homes plugin, new relics and new vote rewards to dungeon updates & town of the week
we've got it all here! enjoy!

Homes upgrade!
They now work from resource and dungeons, have a prettier menu and donor & rankup rank's homes stack,
meaning if you're traveller which gives 1 more home and knight which gives 3 more, you get a total of 4 more homes instead of just 3 :)
Check it out with /homes
(side note Emperors can now access their private world via a home which has already been setup)

New Relics!
15 New Relics have been added to the relic pool
20 Old Relics have been retired
Check them all out

Important Announcement!
For any sterling owners out there be sure to read This announcement about the recent nerf
and the change of rules regarding pre-nerf sterlings!

Voting Changes!
Votes have been giving vote tokens for the last 2 months or so! These vote tokens can be used at a special shop at spawn:

They can give you unique items, collectibles and cosmetic items:

For example the new skull tagger for 50 tokens (roughly one week of voting):

Please, go vote at Maestrea - Vote | Minecraft survival as it was meant to be as it really helps the server a lot and you now get extra stuff from it.
Also, if you weren't aware, every time you /rankup each vote gives $10 more in-game, so at mythic you gain $300 per vote!


Skyblock now has minions!
Theres fishers, miners, collectors, farmers and more!
Check out the forums post
Here for more info!

(Added Tropical Fish, Cod & Salmon to Shaman)


Valentine Event has now concluded.
Hope you enjoyed it! The crafting items in ccraft and the valentine crate will be up for another week.
Thanks for playing.

Cosmetic Changes:
+ Gigamachina will now spin when using [Rock Crusher].

Item Balance Changes:
+ Added Mending enchant to Defense Protocal.
- Added a 2 second cooldown to Defense Protocal's [Harden] passive. (This is for certain situations like during Fzarian's boss fight)

Balance Changes:
+ Increased Gigamachina Melee damage (32.5 -> 47.5) but will now deal much less armor damage.
- Slightly decreased the attack cycle rate of Gigamachina. (20s -> 22s)
- Reduced the flying speed of Missiles fired by Gigamachina and the Drop Ships when Gigamachina is in it's invincible state.
- Slightly reduced the flying speed of [Stun Missiles] when fired by Gigamachina.

Fixed (Possibly) a bug where if Chester would only deal damage to the player he was targeting with [Trash-Thrash].
Fixed Mimic Mine displaying the wrong name above it.
Fixed Storager Chaps and Reincarnation not being able to be silenced.
Fixed Defense Protocal's passive Resistance II not working and being immediately overwritten by it's Resistance I passive.
(It will still overwrite Empowered Bone Walker's passive skill activation)
Fixed Zeus mini-boss in Storyteller's Boss fight instantly destroying shields when you attempt to block his arrows.
Fixed Soul Crushers breaking Coven Witch's bossfight.
Staff Promotions
PandoraKisses has been promoted to Mod!
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Content Agenda
MythicMobs: Working on optimisations and squashing bugs!
Items: Working on balancing and new innovations!
QoL: Updating some forum tutorials!
Skyblock: Getting some little helpers!
Elyssia Content: Finishing up the final tweaks!



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May 18, 2019
Thanks for another update Lad!
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