Weekly Update: February Week Four


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Aug 10, 2016
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Time is moving quickly...

Seriously, how is time moving this quickly? It's mind-boggling to think that I have been a member of the Maestrea Staff Team for a whole year of my life now. However, I wouldn't change this year for the world. Maestrea and it's community is truthfully something never seen before in any Minecraft Server, let alone Multiplayer Game. The community is pure, we all just have fun and enjoy our time here. Thank you for the best year of my life, and let's hope for many more!



Added Zombie Pigman Spawn Eggs to the Crystal Merchant for 320 Crystals!

The /faq has been updated, check it out! (Big thanks to Luna and Ladster!)



Challenge Bosses, Items, and Etc. Have experienced too many changes to list here, please check #dungeons-updates on Discord for a full changelog!

/ccraft has been reorganized

Added the new Invasions game-mode! Check out #dungeons-updates for more information about what this is and how to play!

Added Divine Relic to the Dungeoneer Crate, 0.2% chance.


Valentine's Day Event

The Valentine's Day Event has experienced too many updates to list all here, please check #updates and #dungeons-updates for a full changelog!

Tripled Chance to get Desired Title

Doubled the Chance to get the Sword of Love

Upped the rate of Heart Shards and Cherry Rare Drops

Added Collectables to ccraft to be turned into Heart Shards (1 to 1 trade)



LunaAki has been promoted to Overseer!



Content Agenda

MythicMobs: Rebalancing some things and always working on new content! ;)

Relics: Attempting to contact the ancient entity, Xur, to get the Xurandian set added to Relic Reroll

Quality of Life: Celebrating Luna's promotion, obviously!

Skyblock: Watching the clouds roll below us

Quests: Calculating a famous chess move... watching... waiting...

Economy: Pictures are worth 1,000 words...


I'm back boys.


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Jun 15, 2017
Awesome update as always clip
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