Weekly Update: February Week Three!


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Feb 5, 2018
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Valentine's Day Arena!

Love is in the Air

It was Valentine's day only two days ago and I hope you all had a wonderful and romantic time with your partner! Unless if you're like me and ate candy and sweets alone, which is fun as well. Playing Maestrea is super enjoyable but make sure to spend time with your loved ones!



You will no longer hear the sound of players killing withers!
Restarting will be much smoother since the plugin has been updated to run /kickall.

Jobs Updates:
Rancher: cows: +20% exp, pigs: +25% exp, horses: +25% exp, polar bears: +10% exp, llamas: +10% exp, ocelots: +20% exp, wolves: +20% exp, sheep: +20% exp, and parrots: +30% money +10% exp.
Miner: stone: +15% exp, diorite: +15% exp, granite: +15% exp, andesite: +15% exp, redstone ore: +20% exp +100% money, coal ore: +15% exp, lapis ore: +10% exp +15% money, and iron ore: +10% exp.
Hunter: creepers: +20% money, zombie horses: +25% money, and skeleton horses: +25% money.
Hellworker: magma blocks: +20% exp, nether wart: +25% money +10% exp, nether quartz ore: +10% money, and crafting: nether wart blocks: +30% money.
Fisherman: Tropical fish: +10% money, pufferfish: +10% Money, ender pearls: +10% money, ghast tears: +10% money, diamond: +10% money, smelt cooked cod: +10% money, and smelt cooked salmon: +10% Money.
Farmer: melon: +50% money, pumpkin: +50% money, wheat: +50% money, carrots: +50% Money, potatoes: +50% money, cocoa beans: +25% money, and beetroot: +50% money.
Enchanter: diamond helmet: +15% money, diamond chestplate: +15% money, diamond leggings: +15% money, and diamond boots: +15% money.
Digger: All break actions: +5% exp
Cook: cookies: +5% exp, beetroot soup: +10% money and +10% exp, bread: +100% money, and baked potatos: +50% money.
Blacksmith: smelt iron ingot: +100% money, smelt gold ingot: +100% money, iron shovel: +25% money, iron hoe: +25% money, gold shovel: +25% money, gold hoe: +25% money, diamond shovel: +25% money, and diamond hoe: +25% money

Added a new item, Rare Spawner Cache, which upon opening gives a random rare spawner: Wither Skeleton, Witch, Iron Golem, Skeleton Horse, Zombie Horse, Parrot, Llama and Polar Bear. Getting them is all at an equal chance. You can find these in the Premium, Supporter, and Maestrea Crates.

Re-added Dungeoneer Essence and the crushing of Dungeoneer Tiered items.
Removed the Jolly title from /ccraft
Added Mythic Bottles to the Shady Trader! Buying them costs 16k per and the limit is 4 per hour.
Entering your bed will now restore your health and hunger fully.
Whenever you change worlds or enter PvP, the command /walkspeed will be set to default to prevent exploitation, especially in Shady Parkour. Fly is automatically toggled to off when PvP begins.
Newcomers that now join the server will have a 25% money and experience boost for a week. This is to help make the initial jobs grind easier across the network.
Shady is here =)
There's a current Valentine’s Day sale of 20% off on store.maestrea.com! This ends February 21st at 12:00am EST.



Fixed WorldGuard not working at all.
Fixed Dungeoneer Crate not working.
Updated the Dungeoneer Key Recipe.

Valentine's Day Event:
Implemented a small change that should help prevent kill stealing in it's entirety.
Reduced the crafting requirement of Valentine's Day Keys and Cherry Tokens to 6 Heart Shards instead 8.
Freyja now spawns 4x more frequently and drops 15 Heart Shards instead of 10.
Added a global announcement for whenever someone loots the Desired title and tripled the chance to get Desired title.
Doubled the chance to get Sword of Love
All enemies in the event can now drop a silver coin at a 30% chance. The Cherry Boss minions will always drop a Silver coin.
Reduced Cherub health from 75 to 50
Fixed Cherub Guards having Immunity ticks, fixed Raspberry sometimes burning when spawning, and fixed many Cherry the Cherub minions having sounds.

For more information on balances and fixes do /discord in-game and visit the dungeons update channel!


Important Links
Incase you missed it!

Challenge Boss Poll!

Valentine's Day Event!


Content Agenda

Mythic Mobs: Challenging the enemies they created in the arenas and doing some fixer uppers!
Relics: Polishing up a few new creations.
Quality of Life: Providing some lovely information regarding the new releases.
Skyblock: Floating in the puffy clouds.
Economy: The shady trader is back once again! Go purchase your fabulous goods.
Events: Just finished up working super hard on the Valentine's Day Event. Be sure to thank Clippy, Ant, Tank, Flex, Tex, Truong, and Hadrack for providing us with this event!

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