Weekly Update: February Week Two!


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Feb 5, 2018
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Town: Suleyk
Mayor: xMaki

Hello again Maestreans!

It’s been yet another week of updates and fun! I hope you all have had a fabulous week and are enjoying the nice weekend on the server! A special thanks to everyone of you for reading the updates each week. Also, a very special thanks to the hardworking staff team! Everyone has been working super hard. Some amazing and fun surprises are in store for you all. But for now, sit back and enjoy the update!



Added a new /warp plugin, which means the old plugin has been removed.

→ There is one warp per person. Creating a private warp will cost 35,000 and making a public warp will cost an additional 65,000. Overall, it would cost 100,000 to create a warp. It will cost additional money to change the icon, warp name, relocation, description, ownership, etc. These player warps are a one time purchase. However, if the player is inactive it’ll be removed. These prices are subject to change.

Warps with offensive names and descriptions will be removed and the player will be warned. Warps set in locations with the intent to bait and kill players is illegal. TP-killing rules also apply to these warps. To create a warp, do /warp and click on My Warps. Click the paper located at the bottom to create it.
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With the editor, you can edit all kinds of features.



All issues in relation to jobs perks have been fixed! Whenever you log in, leave or join a job, the new plugin will add/remove permissions for the perks to you, based on your jobs levels. Thanks to everyone for their patience while this fix was developed!

Fixed land regenerating when unclaimed.



Added a Pokécord channel which can be found through #pokécord-notifications on discord.

Added a channel for dungeons raids. If you need more players for your raid group, post a message in the channel #challenge-boss-notifications.



Players from Elyssia with lobby cosmetics are able to use them again.



Added Dungeoneer Tier essence! Crushing a Dungeoneer Tier item will get you 1-3 essence.

Crafting a Dungeoneer Key was changed:
It now requires 1 Mythic Coin, 2 Dungeoneer Essence, and 20 Key Fragments

Crafting a Coven Witch Challenge Token is now different.

A sneak peak ;3 brought to you by Tank!
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The crushing of dungeoneer tiered items has been disabled temporarily due to a bug.

For statistics updates and more information, check out the dungeons-updates channel on discord!


Staff Promotions

Truong_24 has been promoted to Builder!

Hadrack has been promoted to Builder!



Content Agenda

Mythic Mobs: Releasing the monstrous creatures… Beware!
Relics: Collecting some sturdy materials for future creations
Quality of Life: Having my cat help me type up the meow-tastic weekly update!
Brews: Still getting too drunk
Skyblock: Getting our heads stuck in the clouds...
Quests: Searching and travelling for quests
Economy: Maintaining and regulating balanced prices
Events: Getting ready for the event tomorrow! Be there or be square!

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Jun 15, 2017
Awesome update! :)
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