Weekly Update: January Edition


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Aug 3, 2017

Hello everybody! You're overdue for a weekly update, so here it is!
There's lots of updates to come from the past month so strap yourselves in!




The Christmas star item is now compatible with Relic Sockets

New Towns can now use spaces in their town board

Players below Traveller rank can no longer make towns

Cook's Cookie is now working! Use /olditems to fix if you have existing ones

All tiered items are crushable again!

Some /ccraft formatting issues are fixed

Issues with trader items are fixed

The Crystal Merchant no longer takes only 1 stack of crystals at a time​

Flight boots not toggling flight when you remove them while in the air is fixed

An issue with picking up arrows from the volley enchant is fixed

Fixed players without permission being able to use dyes to change sign colours in towns

You no longer have to use /olditems on keys from Daily/Weekly chests

Fixed all players being able to access /bright

Creating a Player Warp now tells you the correct amount it will cost

mcMMO Alchemy potions are now removable from Brewing Stands

Magic Carrot, Barbarian's Battleaxe and Iron Defender now have potion effects again

Basic & Advanced Geodes are now working properly. Use /olditems to fix existing broken ones

Iron Giant Hearts are now working properly. Also use /olditems to fix existing broken ones

/condensecoins is working again

Frost Walker is no longer working in spawn


The Required participation breaks for the Ultimate Block is now 12.5k and the reward for this is now a Mythic Key

New plugin for shop npcs allowing for more categorisation of shop menus

Back buttons are now in /ccraft

New Daily rewards plugin! For increased performance

Re-added /warp shadysparkour

A new notification for /jobs info Miner/Digger to inform that these jobs only pay in Resource

You can no longer transfer money to Dungeons

The starter kit was nerfed. Also the starter gear is now custom named
Here's what it looks like now:

Repair Gems and Relic Chisels now work on shields and Turtle shells


The Shady Trader has once more come and gone and come again. Check out his wares before he leaves!

End and other resource worlds have been reset!



Retired Relics have potion effects once again

Potions no longer vanish when switching to Resource

Magical Seeds are working again


See Replies for Dungeons and Skyblock Updates



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Content Agenda

MythicMobs: Balancing and tweaking BDU2!
Items: Preparing for more Relic waves to come..
QoL: Revamping the tutorial room!
Skyblock: Working on a tutorial for Skyblock!
Elyssia Content: Bug fixing and preparing to move past closed Beta.

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Oct 30, 2016
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Skyblock Updates

Changes and Additions

Page 3 of the block shop now has all 16 wool colors.

Sheep will no longer stack, so they can be sheared efficiently.

Fragment Trader is here!

Added rewards for 186 votes:
One Zeppelin Key and an $8 store voucher.

Added rewards for 204 votes:
One Primal Key, 256 Cloud fragments, a 150% money booster, and a 100% exp booster.

Added sethomes.

Added the custom achievements from Towny.

Fixed /up for Angelic+.

Created a new item called "Condensed Cloud" It's 64 Cloud fragments condensed into a single item like dungeon coins, can craft them by condensing cloud frags in the Fragment Trader.

Should be able to now Auction the right amount of auctions per donor rank.

Added the fishing event to Skyblock The crusher is working again.

Added Chorus Flower to Farming /shop to Sell.

Added Turtle eggs to Mob Drops /shop to Buy.

Added Ghast Tear to Mob Drops /shop.

Fixed a rare issue where players would be put start gliding when wearing Elytras and using elevators.

Removed some unused plugins.

Sign editing is working again.

MCMMO now gives exp for mining.

Fixed so the Merchant job gives job cookies every five levels.

Added turtles to Shaman job.

Added Kelp to /shop.

The reward chest at the end of the hidden Puzzle now has a reward in it.


Dungeons Updates

Misc. Changes

Increased the chance to get Chester when a Supply Crate you open rolls a mimic. (4% -> 6%)

Increased Steel Golems movement speed slightly.

Reduced Gigamachina's Health (350,000 -> 325,000).

Reduced Gigamachina's Hyperdrill charge rate. (0.23% per second -> 0.21% per second)

Gigamachina now can drop Cache Rollers.

Gigamachina now has a higher chance to drop Orbs of Empowerment. (4% -> 8%)

Rakul, Catalyst, and Fzarian now have higher chances to drop Orbs of Empowerment.

Gigamachina now uses a new attack called [Rock Crusher] which sends shockwaves out at random enemies nearby. Inflicts high damage and gives Weakness IV for 10 seconds if you are hit by it.

Gigamachina now gives onscreen notifications for [Foliage Shredder] and the new [Rock Crusher] skill.

Gigamachina will now target up to 4 players with [Stun Missiles] according to his current health.

Gigamachina's [Foliage Shredder] now has a cooldown to prevent it from being used multiple times in a row. However, this will not prevent [Rock Crusher] or [Stun Missiles] from being used multiple times in a row...

Coven Witch, Enderius, and RoE's final boss caches will now teleport players based upon their current rank. If they are below Warlock, they will be sent to spawn. If they are above warlock they will be sent to Kira's village.

Slowed down the charge rate of Gigamachina's [Hyperdrill] ultimate attack.

Added Gigamachina Teleport Beacon to Kira Valley's trader. Teleports you to Gigamachina's Digsite however it has a one hour cooldown and will only teleport the user. It costs 9,500 coins per so use wisely.

Enderius will now give Levitation at the start of his dialogue upon teleporting in to reduce the risk of falling into the void before the battle starts due to a previous battle.

Increased min despawn range to 42 meters instead of 32 meters.
Should help fix some despawning problems. Will revert back if it ends up causing more problems.


Fixed Merric being unable to be fought. His boss fight will now start automatically upon interacting with the NPC.

Fixed Aspect of Varson, Ender Golems Szu and Zar, Warlord Zendecahar, and Void Dragon not doing anything and just sitting there taking the slaps...

Fixed being able to spam challenge master to spawn multiple bosses at the same time.

Fixed different people being able to spawn the same boss at the same time.

Fixed flight boots working in dungeons.

Fixed condense! However, it's in a new Command. (/condensecoins)

Fixed the Bandages still not being consumed when used.

Fixed War's Shadow's skill no longer working. It now works properly.

Fixed it so when opening a crate, it will no longer send two different received messages, you will only get the [mCrate] one.

Fixed potions sometimes vanishing when switching to Dungeons.

Fixed Dungeon Trader in Kira Valley not being able to be bought from.

Fixed Kira Teleport Beacons tping you to the flatlands if used in different worlds.

Fixed Chester having the wrong drop table.

Fixed Kira Teleport Beacons teleporting players who are below Warlock Rank.

Fixed Supply Crates that spawn in Kira Valley glitching out. They will now properly despawn after 2 minutes when spawned.

Fixed the Dungeon Trader in Kira Valley so they now properly sell the upgraded rations.

Fixed players being able to break blocks in D7.

Fixed Coven Witch's drop table not working.

Fixed Chester's minions and summoned minions by mystical pickaxe not having heads.

Fixed non-warlocks being able to use Kira Teleport Beacons

Fixed Gina's Locket [Crushed Hopes] sending mobs it affects to the moon...

Fixed Gina's Locket working on Gina Taylor's lightning technical mob.

Fixed a rare instance where incorrect Copper Coins would drop. You can fix existing ones with /olditems

Fixed Heart of War being incompatible in Apocalyptic crafting.

Fixed Gigamachina's [Stun Missile] and [Rock Crusher] skills only dealing damage to Giga's target.

Fixed Mythical Energy dropped by Enderian Challengers not working in the Enderius Token recipe.

Fixed rare occasions in Coven Witch causing her boss fight to break randomly.

Fixed small typo in The Retributor's skill.

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Dungeons Updates Continued


Better Dungeons Update Part II

+ Added Kira Valley/Kira Valley Village! This entire brand new area/hub can be unlocked upon reaching Warlock rank! Once you are that rank go to The Gate and go to the warp NPC that is there and you will be teleported to the enterance to Kira Valley. You will be able to access Dungeon 7, Kira Valley Village and the World Boss from this mini-open world area (With more areas to be added in the future!). Explore and fight mobs! You never know what you may find!
+ Added Dungeon 7, Varson Labs. Deep within Kira Valley lies Varson Labs. One of many Mob Alliance installations that researches and produces new redstone technologies for Varson and his growing army. What deadly secrets will you find within? Or will you perish by the hands of the powerful Insanus who's men fiercly guard Varson Labs? Only one way to find out! This Dungeon automatically unlocks at Warlock rank alongside Kira Valley. I highly suggest you train up and get familar with Kira Valley enemies before attempting this Dungeon as it's much harder than previous ones!
+ Added World Boss Gigamachina! After Varson's defeat in the Spawn Refuge during the Invasion. Varson has begun to construct Kira Fortress within Kira Valley. The Fortress is in it's infancy as barely any supplies are moved there and land is still being carved out by the monsterous demolition mech known as Gigamachina! Stop Gigamachina before the Mob Alliance have a chance to build Kira Fortress and establish a permanent foothold in Kira Valley! The World Boss respawns once every 3 hours when it's defeated or despawns.

+ Added Empowerment! Currently only 3 Raid Tiers are available! Want to make your Raid Tiers even stronger? Try empowering them. You can empower Raid Tiers once you unlock Kira Valley from the Custom Crafter there. Gather materials from Kira Valley to empower your Raid Tiers to make them stronger to take on the much more deadlier challenges that await you...

Crafting Changes:
+ Coven Witch's token no longer requires an Unpowered Challenge Token. It now requires a Coven Sigil as a replacement. This item is obtained from Coven Inquisitors in Kira Valley.
+ Mythical Essence is no longer craftable. It is dropped by Enderian Challengers in Kira Valley.

+ Stun now effectively turns off the mob's AI for the duration of it's effect making stun seem alot more realistic and much more useful.
+ Many Bosses/Technical mobs are now immune to stun and will no longer be stunned when attacked with a skill that does stun.
+ Suspicious Loot Caches will now despawn after 2 minutes if they haven't been opened.
+ Spawn and Kira random wandering NPCs are now killable and despawn after 5 minutes when spawned to effectively kill the random stacking issue.
+ Added many sound effects to many areas of dungeons to make up for the lack of sound effects and make the game feel more alive.
+ Coven Witch, RoE, and Enderius tokens have been moved to Kira Valley's Dungeon Trader.

Item Balancing Changes:
+ Bandages now refill your health very rapidly upon using them. Rather than instantly. Also they have new sound effects.
+ Greatly increased Nightmare's [Haunting Visages] damage. (150 -> 375)
+ Book of Weakness no longer reduces attacking speed. (You should probably get a new copy of it)
+ All staffs that use healing abilities will no longer be silenced. Note that if they summon minions. Only the skill that summons that minion will be silenced.
+ All staffs with healing abilities now have a longer range. (+8 meters)
+ Book of Weakness no longer reduces attacking speed.
+ Heaven's Demise no longer has Punch III.
+ Heaven's Demise now has a shorter cooldown. (5 minutes -> 3 minutes)
- [Crushed Hopes] will no longer affect many bosses.
- Varson's Lament will now only give Slowness and Weakness I to enemies who attack you.

Fixed Amensia not being able to be silenced.

+ Coven Inquisitor Mini-Event now respawns much faster. (1 hour -> 10 minutes)
- Chester will is now 4x more rare.
- Enderian Challengers are now 2x more rare.

Balancing Changes:
+ Increased Chester's Health (18,000 -> 30,000)
+ Chester's [Binned Assault] will now deal more damage. (6 -> 8) Additionally will now cast faster.
+ Chester's [Trash Thrash] will now target more players. (2 -> 3)
+ Chester will now cycle his attacks slightly faster.
+ Chester will now become stronger as his health gets lower.
+ Chester will now throw extra of each type of storagers, however they will now target the furthest players instead of the nearest players.
+ Increased Gigamachina Health. (300,000 -> 350,000)
+ Gigamachina is now immune to all debuffs.
+ Gigamachina will now charge up [Hyperdrill] faster. (+0.2% per second -> +0.23% per second)
+ Gigamachina will now cycle through his attacks faster. (24s -> 20s)
+ Gigamachina is now resistant to the Punch enchant.
+ Gigamachina no longer takes increased damage from ranged attacks.
+ Gigamachina's drop ships now have more health. (4,500 -> 5,500)

Fixed Gigamachina not giving the effect to open up his cache on rare occasions. (Hopefully)
Fixed Gigamachina despawning randomly.
Fixed Chester not summoning storagers.
Fixed Head Engineer Clarke not using the right drop tables when killed.
Fixed lore logs, The Mimic Problem and The Altar, not dropping.
Fixed Steel Golem not working at all.

+ Added Axe of Total Annihilation, Bone Walkers and Dearth empowerments to the Enhancer at Kira Valley.
+ Added Gigamachina Work Order. Force refreshses the cooldown of Gigamachina's Spawner. 1 hour cooldown. Currently unobtainable.
+ Added a Gigamachina Spawnwer Info mob to infront of Gigamachina's arena. Displays all the info about Gigamachina's spawner. Including it's cooldown.
+ Added Orbs of Empowerment Tier II. Currently unobtainable.

Balancing Changes:
+ Increased the damage of Gigamachina's [Stun Missile]. (120 -> 170)
+ Gigamachina's missiles shot while the Drop Ships are alive will now travel faster and it will now fire them at a little bit faster rate.
+ Shielding Drop Ships now gain the ability to fire missiles randomly as well but do so at a much slower rate.
+ Aspect of Varson will now have 1 less minion summoning wave during Phase I.
+ Aspect of Varson will no longer retreat to his throne after summoning enemies and become invincible. However, he will not use any special attacks for 15 seconds after the wave of enemies have been spawned and his attack cycle will reset. If you deal enough damage to pass a health gate while his cycle hasn't started yet he will skip over the minion summoning. Additionally he will gain a Fiery Armor effect for those 15 seconds which like regulard Firey Armor gives Resistance II and deals damage. The damage of Firey Armor will increase by 33% during this state.

+ Shielding Drop Ships will now have their own boss health bars when they appear.

Item Balancing Changes:
+ Voidplate's [Void Control] will now activate on attack rather than taking damage. Also it is no longer considered a passive. (Kind of annoying when a mob slaps you and your powerful attack goes off isn't it?)
- The Breacher's knockback will no longer apply in Invasions.

Fixed Shlak'Tar not properly using the new spinning cosmetic effect when using [Whirlwind].
Fixed Gigamachina's [Stun Missile] having the incorrect explosion radius.
Fixed Gigmachina most times not properly killing the party after activating Hyperdrill.
Fixed being able to stun Chester even though he is a boss.

+ Added Submerged Supply Crates. They spawn in Kira's Lake in the caves and around the bottom. They have the same drop table as the surface ones just look different.
+ Added Kira Lake Mimics. These mimics spawn in Submerged Supply Crates. Chester will never spawn from a Submerged Supply Crate.

Balancing Changes:
+ Gigamachina's [Stun Missile] attack will now target 3 enemies when it is at 40% health or lower.
+ Gigamachina's Drop Ships will now fire missiles at the closest target to them rather than randomly. But have a slower fire rate as a result of this change.

Item Balancing Changes:
- Reincarnation's [Second Chance] skill now has a longer cooldown. (7 minutes -> 9 minutes)

Drop Changes:
+ Orbs of Empowerment Tier I now have an extremely rare chance to drop from any enemy in Kira Valley and Dungeon 7.
+ Gigamachina Work Orders now drop at an extremely rare chance from Supply Crates/Submerged Supply Crates found in Kira Valley.
+ Increased EXP dropped by D7 bosses/enemies.
- Kira Valley and D7 enemies will no longer drop crystals.
- Reduced the drop rate of lore logs in Kira Valley.

Fixed Gigamachina's Drop Ships using a second health bar when attacked.
Fixed Healing Bandages dropping at an extremely low chance in D7/Kira Valley.
Fixed Supply Crates not dropping Ration Meals.

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:0 A Big Update! Nice job all those who worked together on it! Tons of information! :3
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