Weekly Update: January Week One!


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Feb 5, 2018
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Town: DeepSea
Mayor: X_Storm
Builder: SteveKrass

It's 2019!

Hey everyone! Hope all you lovelies had an amazing Christmas and New Years! Good luck to all of you who have New Years resolutions. I know I'll need the good luck xD I probably won't be able to continue them for a month. A lot of you are probably saying "new year new me" but don't change too much about yourselves D= y'all are amazing and it wouldn't be the same without the wonderful community =D



Added /kit newyear, which will give a relic charm! If you got one be sure not to right click it!
This kit is no longer available.



Fixed players being able to break blocks in Bone Gang Arenas! Please inform staff of any other instances of people being able to damage Challenge Boss arenas!

Fixed being unable to warp into dungeons with the NPCs

Dungeons is back online after it was on lockdown!
Note: Do not attempt to challenge Enderius!


Staff Promotions

NotAllStar was promoted to Mod

Congratulations! =)


Important Threads

Incase you missed it...

The New Economy Content Team!

Player of the Year!


Content Team Agenda

Mythic Mobs: Trying not to die by mobs in the process of fixing them
Relics: Eating the leftover materials
Quality of Life: Writing the weekly update while eating cookies (they were pretty good)
Brews: Cleaning up the mess from New Years!
Skyblock: Being rainbows in a sky of clouds



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Aug 10, 2016
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Thanks for the update Luna!
I notice the Content Team agenda's items are always vague and goofy, is there an actual agenda for planned new content to be added in the future?
Usually it's a funny twist on what their agendas usually are. Quality of Life definitely is right in this, that's pretty much what we both do :p

MythicMobs is accurate too. It's more bug fixing than anything else.

Relics- we're always working on new content ;)

Brews currently has no agenda so we have to think of something slightly silly to put there (I mean, if there's one thing they are definitely doing, it's cleaning messes :))

Skyblock is really busy and dedicating a lot of time into rebuilding the server.

We just try to have a little bit of fun with the agendas while staying true to what they're working on
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