Weekly Update: January Week Two


The Trashman
Aug 10, 2016
United States
Town: Fiska
Mayor: djclay

Winter is here...

Finally, Winter has arrives, and it is showing no mercy already. Here on the East Coast of the United States, we're getting blanketed. I can actually watch the snow falling as I type this, which is quite the nice view. But whether or not we get 3 or 30 inches, Maestrea isn't going to stop because of a little snow! Here are your weekly updates:


Updated our chat plugin to another plugin that has more options:
Working /ignore command that ignores cross server messages
Better formatting for town and nation chat
Overall better chat handling and cross server communication
New channel handling (remembers after restarts what channels you're in use /chlist for a list of available channels using the channel command, ex /l will toggle local chat, "/l <message>" will send your message to local chat but not switch your current channel
/tc - Town chat /nc - Nation chat /m - Market chat /h - Help chat /don - Donator chat
To leave a channel, use /leave <channel>, ex /leave market/m, or /leave local/l
More info for hovering players names:

Reworked tablist to look prettier and have players from other servers listed as well (Still a bit work in progress as you can see lobby twice)

Auction House is back! Everyone can list 4 items max, items expire after 8 hours and are put in a collection bin. Access the auction house with /ah, use /ah sell to sell stuff



Enderius is back! And he's been rebalanced to better fit the post-reset items!

Cuddles has been readded to the challenge master as a permanent member of it!

Note: This Weekly Update for Dungeons was horribly oversimplified for sake of time/reading pleasure. If you wish to read the full changelog, it is posted in #dungeon-updates on Discord.


Content Team Agenda

MythicMobs: Working on some new [REDACTED]
Relics: Working on some epic stuff (That's the truth, not gonna lie)
Quality of Life: Dramatically watching the snow fall while typing this
Brews: Playing in the snow!
Skyblock: Praying to the SkyGod, TribeMan

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