Weekly Update: July Week Three


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May 22, 2017

Town: Slire
Mayor: shambalamba

Come one, Come all!

Here for an (un)limited time, the Maestrean carnival! Enjoy the thrill of rides held together with a single screw, see the amazing half-woman, half-giraffe, and most importantly, all the cotton candy you can eat! "Didn't Sideshow take over the Carnival" you say? Nonsense! These fairgrounds are still family fun in the fading sun! Bring your friends, bring your family, and bring your souls smiles!
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Mythic and prestige tab titles are now selectable via /tabtitle, this is to solve the issue with prestiged or mythic players having to ask admins to switch their title for them. Selected titles will take priority over staff/content/builder/donor titles.

Fixed doublestrike not working on bows​

Figured out how editing signs work. Prestige 2 Chieftain can use /toggleshiftedit, after this shift right clicking signs will edit them

You can now use /lock on Shulker Boxes!

Changed Light Dust from Redstone to Glowstone, use /olditems on existing Light Dust to get the updated version (thanks @Coins7700 for the suggestion!)

Added a new command, /mnotes. This opens a GUI that allows you to purchase physical money items that can be redeemed back into liquid cash. The note choices are $100, $1,000, $10,000, $50,000, $100,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000. (Thanks @KritKillHax for the suggestion!)

Changed the previous update of adding 5% tax on all /mnotes Notes to a progressively decreasing tax per Note; $100 has a 7% going all the way up to $1,000,000 with a 1% tax.

Added sounds to various custom items!

Added Skeleton Horses and Zombie Horse Disguises to King rank (and their baby form)!

Slightly changed the Shady title to make it look more brighter/neon. You don't have to purchase a new item for this to go into effect, however if you have an old paper copy of the old Shady title, use /olditems on it to make it redeemable again!

Shady briefly visited us this week. After being here for 24 hours, his grant total was $127,588,855 spent!

dded planting saplings to Lumberjack. This is to better incentivise the players that plant tree farms for other people.

Added 5 new Relics

Retired Barbarians Battleaxe, Unjustified Battle Axe, DrepaMyrkr, Paladin's Sword, and Vengeance of the Rising Sun



Made challenge received reward look pretty

Added 6 new challenges, ideas credit to @HermitKing

Adding /ping & /seen for players to use


Check out our Discord updates channel for the changes and fixes to specific Dungeon mobs! 40+ new updates this week.

Added a Repair Kit to the Dungeons Trader for 6144 coins. This item will repair all items in your inventory and has one hour cooldown before being able to use another!

Dungeon trader will start logging stats for each item in the shop such as times bought and amount of coins spent for the item. This allows us to price future things, and know how many coins are being spent.

Added an item that unlocks access to /mcoins condense to the Dungeons Trader. 73,728 coins for unlimited convenience!

Made the Unlock /mcoins condense item give the permission on Towny and Dungeons. If you've already redeemed this, please contact an Admin+ to give you permission to use the command on Towny (anyone buying and redeeming the item after this update will be set up correctly!)

Disabled Enhancement Scroll effects as they were causing issues with Mythic Mob mechanics. These will still work fine on Towny!

Reduced Invincible title drop rate (1% -> 0.5%)

Laser Pointers now work on Dungeons. Additionally you can do /kit to get it if you can access the laser pointer. Which requires Archduke or Prince donator rank.

All Skill information removed from some Raid and Dungeoneer Tier items. You can now view ALL current active skill info by [Shift + Left Clicking] for swords, armor, etc. and [Shift + Right Click] for bow. There is a 30 second cooldown between skill descriptions to prevent spam. NOTE: This will display multiple skill informations with a single [Shift + Left Click or Right Click]. For Example, if you have 4 pieces of armor with skill descriptions and a sword with a skill description, Shift-Right-Clicking that sword will show the information about ALL current equipped skills. Also currently spawned in items WILL NOT have their lore changed. However they will inhert the new description skills.

Players casting a still will now have the [Dungeons] prefix in front of it and the name of the player will be displayed in a bold white to help player used skills stand out more in chat.

The new Skill Descriptions are now only able to be viewed at /spawn in dungeons.



Fixed nicknames and chatcolor not working

Fixed /r not working

Added elevators! They are diamond blocks and work the same as on /main!


Staff Updates

Ladster has been promoted to Mod



Content Team Agenda

What we're working on this week:
Mythic Mobs
: Dabbing protocal activated, because we can
Brews: Running into every single wall of an abandoned shop because we can
Relics: Searching for new materials to create stronger gear, because we can
QoL: Updating EVERYTHING, because we can
Quests: Investing in bad ass sunglasses, because we can.
Skyblock: There's something behind that cloud... because we can.

Random Quote of the Week:
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May 21, 2016
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Feb 5, 2018
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