Weekly Update: July Week Two


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May 22, 2017

Town: Haven
Mayor: Impulse6yt7

In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle...

No one sleeps tonight! That's right, this is your late breaking news, here with the coolest duck around. Better than breakfast in bed or chilling in your PJs all day, we've got the best collection of all the updates, fixes and content around! So, let's let sleeping dogs lie, and get right to it, the Weekly Update!
A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh...



Fixed Prestige 2 peasant not increasing their /trashchest limit

Added 1x /condensechest to Prestige 1 Legend rank
Added 2x /condensechest to Prestige 2 Crusader rank
Added 3x /condensechest to Prestige 3 Guardian rank

Condense chests will perform similar to /condense on the chest every 20 second

Prince now has access to /me on a 10 minute cooldown. King is able to use color codes in /me

[Also on Skyblock] Baron can now use &1, &2, &4 and &6 color codes on signs, Prince can use all colors and King can use all colors and formatting.

Baron is now able to disguise as a Magma_Cube and a Guardian. Prince can now disguise as a Minecart and a Mushroom_Cow. King is now able to disguise as Polar Bear, Horse and Mule. King is also able to use the setbaby option on the following mobs: Zombie, Pig, Chicken, Horse, Mule, Polar Bear and Mushroom_Cow (usage e.g. /d polar_bear setbaby)

Changed how /kit works. It now opens up a menu with the kits you have unlocked where you can view a preview of the kit and the time remaining (you can still use /kit <kit name> if you prefer)

Fixed people sometimes losing items when using /condense

Fixed passive enchants not working on main hand items.

Fixed Light Weight enchant being weird, it'll now only work in main hand and properly decrease the durability of your item.

Fixed autorepair not working on fishing rods

Added 32+ new achievements and fixed typos and numerical errors in some achievements.

Nerfed Eldritch Armor due to it being stupidly OP in comparison to everything else on the server.
Changes that affect ALL Eldritch items:
- Removed potion effects from Eldritch.
Changes that will ONLY affect newly rerolled Eldritch armor:
- Reduced max health to 3 (from 6) - Reduced speed to 0.02 (from 0.05)
- Reduced max protection to 6 (from 8)
- Reduced max fire, projectile and blast protection to 7 (from 8)
- Reduced max Arachnids Blessing to 2 (from 4)
- Reduced max Paladins Cleaning to 2 (from 4)
- Removed Shield - Removed Absorption

Resident purged complete: 1934 deleted.

Prestige 3 Demigod now has access to /up

Moved combining scrolls to /ccraft and it's also free

Added Enderius Token, Mythical Energy and Proto-Enderman Eye to /ccraft

Updated /ccraft to now tell you which items you are missing when crafting an item

You can now tag players in-game to get their attention! Writing a @ before their name (tab completes) will send them a notification in the form of an egg pop

Active Jobs have received a Buff
Farmer: +5% Buff on replantable crops
Lumberjack: +15% Buff on All wood types except Spruce
Blacksmith: +25% Buff on Smelting Action and +10% on repairs with Gold/Diamonds
Hunter: +25% Buff on Killing Skeletons/Zombies/Spiders
Hellworker: +20% Buff on Break action and +10% buff on kill Action
Fisherman: +20% Buff on Fishing Action
Miner: +10% Buff on Breaking Ores
Alchemist: +15% Buff

Added Zombie Horses to Hunter!

Removed Magma Cubes from Hunter as they should exclusively be in Hellworker

Added Biome Changing seeds Aka Magical seeds to the crystal merchant. These special seeds will open a nice little menu when right clicked allowing you to change the biome of the chunk you're standing in and in turn consuming the seeds

Fixed Prestige 1 Legend being unable to place their condense chest

Fixed smelting Wet Sponges not paying for Diver.

Guard and above can now make [command] signs, they run commands for the player right clicking it, ex: (Any abuse or scams involving this will get you in trouble) Suggested by @oVexlz here: Bind commands to signs as title perk

Auctions will now have an anti-snipe range between 1 to 4, rather than being exactly 2 every time. This will make every auction more unique, unpredictable and prevent auctions from ultimately being sniped every time after the regular 2 snipes.

Command signs now have a 1 second cooldown

The /FAQ has been fully updated thanks to CsoiSauce (and Aze's patience)
Added the following enchants to /enchants: Antivenom, Autorepair, Butcher, Fangs, Lava Walker, Well Fed, and Werewolf
- Attempted to make /enchants easier to read
Special Items:
- Updated Soul Gems to the newer version.
- Added Library of Tomes!
- Added Maestrean Workers
- Removed Phoenix Wings Backpack:
- Added /bpgrade to the description
- Fixed 'Lumberjack' job icon. You can now click on it to see /jobs info Lumberjack!
- Added Brewer job icon.
- Removed Book of Tomes from the Relic crafting recipe
- Removed Crafting Table recipes

Changed the Level 100 Diver title from Aquatic to OceanMan

Changed the Level 100 Lumberjack and Rancher title (Lumberjack > WoodPecker, HolyCow > Butcher)

You can now select the Skypack Titles without always having to change to Skyblock to wear them.



Fixed players being unable to create chest shops

Added "Received x item!" messages to all rewards in Skyblock crates, rather than it just saying "You opened a x Crate!

Removed Enderpearls, Hoppers, Obsidian, Enderchest and Enchantment table from the Ancient Crate.

Added Shady Bottles to all Skyblock crates, added Repair Gems to Bonus and Ancient Crate. Also added Horse Eggs to the Ancient Crate.

Added 140+ achievements to Skyblock!

Added Parrot Eggs, Diamond Blocks, Gold Blocks and more Key Fragments to the Ancient Crate.

Buffed Fishbone drop chance

Added /itemfilter to Lightweight rank



Enderius and D5 have had some reworks to the various mobs. Check out Discord for the full update :)

[Quests] Fixed D1 Mobs being genetically engineered to drop infected samples all over the place when they die. They will now only drop them during the Dungeon 1 Quest.

Added the Item Crusher NPC

Vortex and Repulse have been disabled due to issues caused by them in Challenge Bosses.

Fixed people being able to fly at /warp pvparena

Fixed keepInventory being on in dungeons 1, 2 and 3 for some reason

Sealed Challenge Tokens now cost 40960 (from 65536)

Buffed Sealed Challenge Tokens. You're now slightly less likely to get a Storyteller Token, but a bit more likely to get everything else.

Added Dungeon 6 Mobs and all Challenge Bosses to Hunter.
All values are subject to change, as the current values are serving as a live beta test. If you find anything exploitable or OP with the payouts, please report it so it can be fairly tweaked.

[Quests] The Chronicler can now let you view your past MDT adventures if you finished his Storyteller side quest. This feature also shows you where you made a distinctive choice by marking what point you got while you read the text.

Fixed the Dungeon 6 door. After killing Chained Astray, you have 10 seconds before the door reappears!​
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May 22, 2017
Dungeons (Continued)

Added a new mob to Dungeon 5, the Fire Spirit. Found populating the final boss room

Removed Barrier blocks blocking people from falling into the lava below in the 2nd and 3rd rooms of D3

Fixed Storm Crystal not spawning in Dungeon 4

You are now required to kill the Storm Crystal before progressing in Dungeon 4. Killing Storm Crystal unlocks the diamond elevator (that will stay open for 25 seconds), that allows the dungeon to progress.

Completely readjusted the entire spawning layout of all the mobs in D4, making the dungeon somewhat easier.

Added a new mob to Dungeon 4, the Wind Sentinel. Found near Storm Crystal's and Tempest's arenas. Wind Sentinel is a floating ball that has a shield. You must break it's shield before being able to kill it (broken shield is shown by having an unenchanted head)

Added Fire Spirits and Wind Sentinels to Hunter

Added a new item to the Dungeons Trader for 8192 coins - Berserker Serum. Gain Strength 10 for 15 seconds. After it wears off, you will take 2 hearts of damage and gain Weakness 3 for 10 seconds. (1 hour cooldown)

Added another new item to the Dungeons Trader that unlocks the autosort inventory permission to use within the dungeons server. Now your inventory won't look all gross!

Challenges are now handled with a simple party system, to challenge a boss, you need a party, create and manage one with these commands:

(Leaving the dungeons server leaves your party, plans are to store this) Create a party and invite members (Invited players can click the chat message to join)

Once the leader is ready, they can challenge a boss and all party members will be teleported to the arena instantly. If a leader leaves the party, the first invited will be promoted to leader

Added 35 New Dungeoneer Tier items for D1-6! Common enemy mobs in each of the dungeons have a small chance to drop them. Bosses will not drop them!
* 5 new items for D1 * 6 new items for D2 * 6 new items for D3 * 5 new items for D4 * 7 new items for D5 * 6 new items for D6


[Affects Towny, Skyblock, Build and Creative] King now has access to /bannermaker, a cool plugin which allows you to visually design each layer of a banner before actually physically crafting it. You're also able to save the designs for recreation later. You can also use /bannermaker see to view the recipe of a banner you're looking at, or /bannermaker hand to view the recipe of the banner you're holding.

[All Servers] Prince's can now use color codes in /msg and King's can use both colors and formatting codes in /msg

Fixed side-panel not working on the forums on mobile! You can now read your pms and see your notifications without having to go to desktop mode. The light theme will be re-added soon to work as well.

Lowered price on merch by a lot. Maestrea | Please enter your username to continue


Important Threads

Shady Trader Rework and Announcement!

Head Museum Player of the Month June Winner!


Staff Updates

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Content Team Agenda

What we're working on this week:
Mythic Mobs: Adding Lots of items to dungeons
Brews: losing bets and chugging barbeque sauce
Relics: Forging using the strongest materials imaginable
QoL: Watching Tusa go on an Update spree (Shady update, anyone?)
Quests: Assembling our Agents.
Skyblock: Curses, what is that? Oh, look new challenges

Random Quote of the Week:

A special thank you to everyone who contributed to this post in the form of updates, fixes, or anything else! This is the first time that the Weekly Update had to move into the comments because we just plain had so many updates (No, last week doesn't count, that was a double post.)
A round of applause for all our amazing staff teams!
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Thanks for the amazing update :3
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