Weekly Update: June Week 4


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Aug 3, 2017

Hello everyone! Hope you are all enjoying the hot weather at the moment! This is a big update which includes content from the last two weeks!
Also a massive thank you to Creeper001 for helping out with this update!



We now have a dedicated place for collecting and voting on player suggestions: https://maestrea.nolt.io/


Crystal Merchant Update:
The Crystal Merchant set his prices at more reasonable levels.
In addition, he now sells a few new items!
Go check him out at /crystalmerchant

Reworked /bottle. Three ways to use it:
/bottle get max - Gives you the max number of bottles you can carry or for the exp you have.
/bottle get <number> - Gives the number of bottles if you have enough exp for it.
/bottle get <number>L - Gives the number of bottles for levels, ex "/bottle get 10L" would give you 10 levels worth of bottles.

Recoded the cross-server item-sync plugin for better performance and functionality:
You can now switch server more quickly and precisely, and sending items and inventories are safer.
Added an API which the warp plugin will eventually use for cross-server warps
Fixed issue with inventories sometimes rolling back
More safe handling of sending items

Your /balance is now combined between the servers and you no longer need to /transfer it.

Tab now uses the new plugin to display your balance, it only updates every 10 sec to improve performance.

/baltop now updates more frequently.

Added two new Custom Enchants that you can get from the table:
Curse of Moonlight - Deal reduced damage during night time.
Curse of Sunlight - Deal reduced damage during day time.

Added message to book of tomes saying they're disabled.

Disabled taggers on raid tier items as it breaks the skills.

Cleaned up console spam.

Added login reminder to daily rewards.

Re-added /armorstand command.

Improved server backup system greatly.

Improved backup software to properly cleanup old backups.

Saved weekly backups on separate drive to ensure data is never lost.

Made /feed restore saturation as well as hunger.


Fixed voteshop giving outdated job boosting items.

Fixed mcmmo not working on resource.

Fixed jobs limit message not appearing.

Fixed Prince and P3 Immortal not keeping exp on death.

Fixed archived job levels not being reset by prestige.

Fixed Shock area turning into Shock.

Fixed crystaline enchant.

Fixed being able to apply stacks of charms to an item.

Fixed in game ranks not giving access to more auction house slots.

Fixed Golden Keys, Lock Checkers, and those related items not being fixed by the fixer.

Fixed being unable to re-roll arcanas.



Skyblock Summer Solstice Event!!

This event consists of:

- Mobs at spawn to kill for items
- Collect Sun drops to craft into deflated beach balls in /ccraft
- Beach balls can be inflated and popped to yield more event items
- Sun drops are earned from voting, crates, skypacks & mobs at spawn
- New title addition:

Obtained from popping inflated beach balls

Increased Skypack resource droprate by 20% for the duration of the event


The Shady Trader has come and gone, hope you spent your money wisely!



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Content Agenda

Mythic Mobs: Working on new updates and tweaks.
Items: Working on new items, the Charm Extractor, and a Book Of Tomes rework!
QoL: Weekly updates and better things all around.
Skyblock: Working on a Summer Event!
Brews: Cooking up some new recipes.
Events: Planning future weekly and seasonal Events.
Economy: Examining and balancing.



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Mar 30, 2019
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Great Update! Thanks Square :D
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