Weekly Update: June Week Three


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May 22, 2017

Town: Velka
Mayor: HedgieDog

Argggh, Matey!

We be plundering the seas in search of the finest treasures! Me hearties and I be bringing ye landlubbers our bounties of updates, fixes and new content! So hoist the anchor, mate, we're setting sail into the Weekly Update!



Voting went through some temporary difficulties, but should be working now. If you lost any votes please contact an Admin!

Cosmetically changed all crates! They now have sounds upon opening, cleaner "received" messages, better looking preview items & more!

Fixed Common Crates saying players received $61,000 & $62,000. Now say $1,000 & $2,000 respectively as intended.

Fixed Vote Party Crates not giving keys

Shady visited for 2 whole days to help raise our spirits after some downtime!

Buffed Wheat, Carrots, Potatoes, Cocoa plants, Chorus plant/flower and beetroot income by 50% in farmer

Buffed all regular mobs income by 50% in Hunter

Buffed Stone income by 40% in Miner

Buffed brewer income by 75%

Buffed blaze payout by 100% in Hellworker job

Fixed a bug making hunter workers unbalanced with the rest

Lantern mobs will now have collisions again and despawn after 25 seconds (this it to stop them building up forever)

Added /brewtrader list <page> to list brews and their values to make it easier to decide what brews to brew

Everyone who prestiged has had their perms fixed, sorry for the delay.



New rule added regarding homes:


Staff Updates

shadyghost has been promoted to Content
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Community Spotlight

This week's Outstanding player is...
Both KingWither and Queen_Wither!

These two players recently tied the knot not only in the real world, but with us on Maestrea as well! They made sure to host an amazing party so that the people here could also partake in the memorable event. Congratulations to the happy couple!
Missed the wedding? No worries, have a link: The Withers Invite You All to the Wedding! (Thanks for Coming!)

This week's challenge is perfect for pillaging... we're going to travel to our trusted taverns and share a cold one with the boys! That's right, we're making brews! Craft your favorite brew and give it out to 3 other players and share in the good times! For an extra challenge, cook up a pair Miner's Brews for you and a friend and enjoy!


Content Team Agenda

What we're working on this week:
Mythic Mobs
: Fine-tuning the last of the Dungeons update before release
Brews: Trying to finish a maze drunk. It's been 3 weeks.
Relics: Preparing the unveil newly forged gear.
QoL: Checking through old Suggestion posts. Want a faster response on yours? PM ParadiddlePride#9265 on discord.
Quests: Wondering where Frankie went
Skyblock: Taking Suggestions for Challenges
Skyblock Challenge Suggestions

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Feb 5, 2018
Thanks for the amazing update Para :3
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