Weekly Update: June Week Two


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May 22, 2017

Town: Eferfoss
Mayor: The_Arcane_Force
Builder: Tussi

Do you know the Muffin Man?

I certainly don't. What kind of baker only makes muffins? Personally I prefer cakes. But pastry preferences aside, there's one thing I do know - and that's that Maestrea is awesome and always strives to have a better tomorrow. And that means having updates! So many updates, so little time. Maybe the Muffin Man can whip you up some snacks for an even better update-reading-experience?
Enjoy your fresh-baked Maestrea-filled Updates!



Made the staff armour stands at /tut easier to read and made room for future staff

Added a display for the Builders in /tut

Boosters added to store.
Jobs boosters don't show in "/jobs bonus <job>" as we're using another method to add the bonus, use /boosters to check active boosters

When someone buys it:

Stacks with other *boosters (pies, prestige)

And the prices for the store:

Added 120+ achievements! Compete for the leaderboard with /aach list, /aach top and /aach to see all the commands!

Added Summer Brews! :D These have also been added to the brewer job (Thanks to The_Arcane_Force for suggesting Cookie Dough ice cream!)

Fixed several misfunctioning relics:
-Warriors Spirit now has Strength II and glowing
-Reinforced Wings now has Resistance II and Slowness II

Fixed a bug with the tab plugin breaking tab title whenever we reload the plugin



Decreased passive mob limit from 200 to 100 to help with lag issues

[Skyblock] Optimized some checks to reduce lag



Rebalanced THE BREAKER Axe
- Decreased base attack damage (20 -> 12)
- Added Sharpness V enchant to the axe
- Reduced Movement Speed penalty (20% -> 5%)



Changed how emotes are bought on the store, instead of buying them individually, you buy them cheaper in packs of 4 or 5, Anyone who bought an emote prior to this has received the whole package that their emote belonged to! :D Check out the emotes here: Maestrea | Please enter your username to continue

Fixed nicknames and chatcolors in /hub

The current mob spawn rates are temporary and are only changed to help performance, we'll be coming out with a more permanent solution soon


Important Threads

Challengers approaching...

IMPORTANT - Mythic Mobs Suggestion Megathread

IMPORTANT - Relic Suggestion Megathread


Staff Updates

Ladster has been promoted to Helper



Community Spotlight

This week's Outstanding Player is...

Shady is often seen providing helpful tips and tricks for people in chat, providing assistance where he can, and overall keeping chat upbeat and cheerful. You can often find Shady participating in various server activities and being part of the community.

This week's challenge is, as per usual, inspired by our Outstanding player. Take some time to help some other folks out in their quest to riches and get them started with their jobs. This could be anything from setting up or sharing grinders, to giving out some good tools or items. While not necessarily more of a challenge, if you've got cash to spare you can check out the new global boosters available via donating.


Content Team Agenda

What we're working on this week:
Mythic Mobs
: Not making our lootboxes p2w like EA (Credit to Flex)
Brews: Napping (loudly) after finally uploading brews
Relics: Accidentally dropping all the relics, they might be a bit banged up
QoL: Checking through old Suggestion posts. Want a faster response on yours? PM ParadiddlePride#9265 on discord.
Quests: Racing through D3 with our pants on fire (but we're not liars!)
Skyblock: Taking Suggestions for Challenges
Skyblock Challenge Suggestions

Random Weekly Quote:
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Feb 5, 2018
Great update, thanks Para!
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