Weekly Update: March Week Four!


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Dec 12, 2016
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Town: DeepSea
Mayor: X_Storm
Builders: SteveKrass, Unluckyeleven, kylewinstanley, Kaykay909, vickyxxg, LinkTjoger21, IcykillerOnline & An_AtomicBomb


Hello Maestreans!

Well it's Week 4 of March on maestrea, doesn't time just fly by. The lag seems to have stopped so all you veterans get back to grinding! I expect everyone is enjoying themselves. Hope you have a great week. Enjoy the weekly update!



- Excavation was enabled briefly, but unfortantly was redisabled due to the original problem not being fixed completely.

- Relic socketing is back & fixed! Shift right click the relic socket then right click the selected relic you wish to add it too.

- Fixed /ranks

- Fixed town chat being global

- Fixed reward blocks broadcasting reward messages and added color to the reward text.

Added a cool new perk to Emperor rank that allows you to utilize /fly while in your private worlds. Switching worlds will not carry this over.
We've manually added permissions to each Emperor, although it may not work for people that have changed their username after the creation of their private world. If the permissions isn't working, make a ticket on discord and it'll be fixed for you.

Thanks Lordsawyer for this awesome suggestion!​



Coming Soon to a Dungeons near you... Maestrea's First Official Raid... Revenge of Enderius...

[Enderius has asked you and your human friends to help him get some much needed revenge against the Dragons that wiped out his kind. While the Ender Dragon was one of the dragons that killed his kind, there is also a second one by the name of Void Dragon. If you choose to accept it, you and your friends will battle your way through Enderius' home city and 3 deadly raid bosses and a mountain of baddies between you and Void Dragon. Can you avenge Enderius and his kind?]​

Checkout all the information for this up and coming raid on maestrea discord!​

- Fixed local chat show {bluechat.chatcolor} before your messages.​

- Fixed Fabled books not working in /ccraft.​



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Content Agenda

Mythic Mobs: Working hard on the new Maestrea Raid :D
Relics: Speaking with the finest blacksmiths to craft new relics
QoL: Maintaining and bringing you the best weekly updates
Skyblock: Wouldn't you like to know ;)
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