Weekly Update: March Week Two


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Feb 5, 2018
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Town: Gemstone
Mayor: LunaAki
Builder: Texilated

Hey Maestreans

I know quite a few of you may possibly be upset or confused as to why there has not been many updates from Elyssia recently. It's understandable. Soap, and the Admins, have been busy with real life matters and haven't been able to do much updating recently. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about Elyssia. We have been thinking of possible fixes for things, but it may take time. Thank you to everyone who's stuck around thus far <3



Fixed the level 100 Brewer title not being given

The End has been reset

Shady trader arrived recently with something new in stock... the title crate is back!



Fixed issue where 3rd wave in Invasions starts just as the final enemy in wave 2 spawns on rare occasions

Fixed Mob Alliance Instigator having a chestplate

Fixed issue where Invasion Cleared title animation wouldn't work properly after clearing an Invasion

For more updates on performance and changes, check out the Maestrean discord! Do /discord in-game to join :)


Content Agenda

MythicMobs: Working on fixing a few flaws in our creations
Relics: Gathering materials to form new creations... maybe
Quality of Life: Working on quality over quantity
Skyblock: Got a lot of blocks in the air
Quests: Discovering new wonders
Economy: Burning through mountains of paperwork

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