Weekly Update: May Week 2


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Aug 8, 2017
England, Uk
Back again for another update?
Its May, the weathers changing, but so is the server (as always),
check out some of those changes below!




• Workers now work across Maestrea, Resource, Dungeons and Elyssia.
We will be refunding the coins and money if you had workers on both maestrea and elyssia
(No need to make a ticket, coins will be added to your other workers and money will appear in your elyssia balance)

• Improved daily restart code
• Fixed some bugs with Item Filter causing some items to not drop
• Disabled join message on screen and in chat (keeping for newcomers) to reduce spam when switching servers
• Removed absorption from relic items as it didn't exist and was spamming console
• Fixed spellbound tier not working on maestrea
• Fixed mute messages not having color
• Fixed resource not being taxed
• Added back /transfer <maestrea/elyssia> <amount> - to transfer money to towny worlds
• Updated server software which should help a lot with performance, connectivity issues and other problems
• Removed /private - use the home you have there instead
• Removed mailbox send code as it's no longer used

• Backpacks and vaults are now synced between maestrea, resource and elyssia
The items in your elyssian backpacks and vaults can be found in your mailbox on maestrea (cause I sent it to the wrong server...)

• Vote tokens are now cross server and can be redeemed on /maestrea all your elyssia and maestrea tokens should be merged and appear on maestrea!

The top voters have been announced! Thank you to everyone that voted this past month!




• Recoded our lobby plugin to the cleanest simplest plugin

• This might not be noticeable to the players but it helps a lot with some corner cases and makes scaling more easy :)
• Properly send you to an online lobby when a server restarts or if you're kicked via afk
• Fixed issue where if you log back on and the server you played on was down, you couldn't join
• /hub /lobby [number] takes you to a specific lobby, Lobby 1 holds the lavafloor
• Fixed the issue where if you were on a lobby and it restarted, you wouldn't be able to join back for 1-3 min, now it sends you to another lobby
• Fixed random issues with being unable to connect because the old plugins tried to do some funky stuff.
If a lobby is down, it will send you to an online server, and uptime is checked properly



• Updated /voteshop
Lowered skull taggers to 18 tokens
Added mythic keys for 24 tokens

Added extra /home slots costing 36, 72 & 108.
They stack with your current homes, meaning if you have a max of 5 and buy one, you can have 6!
For just voting for a week :)

Go vote at Maestrea - Vote | Minecraft survival as it was meant to be if you want to get these

May Brew Update is Here! Be sure to check it out!
Please take note of a very important notice for all brewers: DISTILLING HAS BEEN TEMPORARILY DISABLED IN ALL BREW RECIPES.
May Brews Update!

Archaic Update
- The Keeper​
- Changed Base damage to 10 (Previously was 8)​
- Changed Double Strike Enchantment Level to 6 (Previously was 5)​
To update your Keeper, do /olditems If this doesn't work please contact a Junior Admin+ in game, or make a ticket in #tickets​



Daily/Weekly chests should now give Skypack items with the correct ID's
Added a new Skyblock tutorial room! Would love some feedback on it, if you have any ideas for more information that would be useful! Do /tutorial in game.
Revamped /shop & added Aesthetics shop
Doubled Cloud fragment rewards from the Small reward block

Increased Skylander Sword Looting by 1
(Create a ticket to get your old ones updated)
Increased Prismarine shards & crystals sell price + $10
Slightly nerfed Lapis sell price - $0.25

Due to the over abundance of Repair gems from Skypacks, they have been removed from the donor crates

We have found and patched the Spawner issues that've occured I hope thanks to Lad :D
If you have any spawners that cannot be placed please make a #tickets

Welcome to our newest NPC, the spawnershop! Located right next to our friendly shop merchant to the left of /spawn


Creative & Build Event

Due to difficulties with the creative and build event, we've given the two a major overhaul which will reduce work for staff and make it more fun for the players

• Creative had all plugins updated, some replaced and some removed
• Build event now runs on the same world as the creative server, making it easier to get there and easier to manage
• Plot plugin was updated with cool new features such as plot merging
• Due to some issues and changes we had to remove the data from the old creative server, if you want the stuff you built back, Claim a new plot and make a ticket and staff can copy it over from the old world
• WorldEdit is now open for everyone! it's no longer limited to voting and has a few more commands. Only limit is the placement speed, it might seem a bit slow if you do a large command
• We have some nice new roads made by the build team
• We have a new /commands menu which shows some useful commands
• You can now set homes on creative(max 3) • Render distance was upped to 10 (will probably be upped to 16 later)
• We'll be making vote tokens count from all servers and adding a vote token shop to creative where you can buy new command, homes and plots (it will be cheap, but keep voting so when it's ready you can buy stuff on there)


Content Agenda

Mythic Mobs: Working on the new dungeons progression
Items: Working on feedback for Relics and Arcanas
QOL: Working on these updates
Skyblock: Finishing up the installation of the new tutorial
Brews: Celebrating the new may update
Events: Discussing future plans
Economy: Working on balancing

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