Weekly Update: May Week One!


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Dec 12, 2016
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Town name: Moonbreak
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Hello Maestreans

Welcome back to another Weekly Update. I hope everyone had a great week, A lot has happened over the past week, new additions and big updates! Have fun reading through it all :)

General Fixes

Fixed some issues related to performance, hopefully tps won't skydive as often anymore

Added a live time remaining counter to the Daily Rewards Menu!



-Fixed Reward Blocks not giving rewards to offline players. Use /cr claim to get your prizes.

-Fixed Mercy of the Nine not giving Resistance.

-Auction House is fixed and will no longer remove items upon a crash.

-Added Daily Rewards Menu! Open with /dr.

-Excavation and Drilling are back!

-Discontinued all Easter items and remove some dungeon items from /ccraft.

-Keys bought from shady will now work with crates! No need to use /olditems all the time.

-Fixed Gossamer Spirits, Unlock permission items, Death and Cuddles Disguise Tokens not redeeming when right clicked. If you have an existing one, use /olditems on it.

-After a long wait, here is the much awaited relic wave!
The Stormbreaker relic was also re-released in this due to Avengers: Endgame.



-Concluded the Bunny killing Easter event. You will still be able to get the event voting crates for voting and trade the contents at /warp event!



For the massive update on dungeons checkout discord.

You can also checkout the forums link for more detail on the changes.
Enderius is calling and the Mob Alliance are gathering their forces...

-=[Dungeons Patch 1.8.0]=-
-=[Dungeons Patch]=-
-=[Dungeons Patch]=-
-=[Dungeons Patch]=-
-=[Dungeons Patch]=-
Are out now!!

-Added a Raid (Basically a massive dungeon with 3 raid bosses)

-Added tier 3 to Invasions which adds an additional 10 waves, if you all so choose to continue the fight.

-Several new Raid items and other additions

-Many bug fixes

-Added all Challenge Tokens to the Dungeon Trader!
Cuddles & Storyteller: 2000
Bone Gang: 10k
Apocalypse: 20k
Varson: 65k
Coven Witch: 200k
Enderius: 500k
RoE: 1mil

-Fixed Eggy Charm not working on Dungeons
Content Agenda

-Re-added Berserker Serum!


Content Agenda

MythicMobs: Relaxing after releasing T3 & RoE!
Relics: Celebrating the new relic wave!!
QoL: Weekly Updates! :D
Skyblock: Floating...



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Jun 15, 2017
Awesome update taka :cool:


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May 3, 2017
Thats insane, so much work to do 3:, but also nice update on the progress and we NEED MORE OF THIS, good job with the post.
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