Weekly Update: Second Week of June ;D

Feb 15, 2016
( It is almost summer !! :D Don't be a summer bummer, I hope everyone has an amazing summer with full of happy memories <3)

Maestrea ~ Elyssia
+ Resource, End and Nether worlds have been reset!
+ Utility items now work similar as taggers, to apply them you have to click the utility item, and right-click it onto another item: Like this:
( https://i.gyazo.com/db3e7a3157d81cf408aa30c0ee6ac8b8.mp4 )
+ Iron Giants Heart and Abyssal Steel have been re-enabled
+ Fixed issue with lobby 2 being broken
+ Fixed bug with /condensecoins
+ Fixed issue with workers letting you buy twice
+ Fixed emperors losing custom enchants when using mcmmo repair
+ Fixed repair gems occasionally breaking
+ Fixed some relics and arcanas being throwable
+ Redid /bottle command
+ Removed old bottle plugin (Should speed up how long it takes to update to 1.16 once it's out)
+ Improved look of bottle commands
+ /recipe is back and better than ever
+ Majorly overhauled the code repos to make future development and bug fixes easier
+ Due to requests, we have regenerated the main resource world with a new seed, it should have a new mix of biomes.

+ Fixed some messages not being sent to the discord server
+ We now have a new verification bot! It runs on the network so we only have one instead of one per server, use /verify in-game and pm the @Verification Bot with the message to get verified

Drop Changes

- Relic Essence is no longer obtainable in Dungeons
- Effectively reduced Fragment drop rates and drop changes by 30-60%(boss dependent) in all content.
- You can no longer obtain Fragments from wave completion rewards in Invasions.
- Easy bosses no longer drop fragments at all. Moderate and Hard bosses are no longer guaranteed to drop a fragment.
- Reduced coins dropped by Gigamachina's Cache


Fixed Forsaken Zombies and Forsaken Skeletons not spawning properly in Forbidden Jungle (D5)

Mythic and Items Team Comment About Most Recent Update;

The reasons for these changes is to help begin to mend the Relic economy which has been damaged as a result of Dungeons while still making Dungeons viable to farm for relics. Relic Essences dropping was considered redundant since you could just get it from Relics anyway and only bolstered the problem. As for the Gigamachina coin nerf? I still got reports he was dropping way too many coins and wanted to ease it a bit.
Edit: Do note we ARE looking into the issue regarding items not properly working after a server restart. Hopefully, we should have a workaround or fix for that soon enough. So please be patient with us. Thank you

+ Updated the following crates


+ Added the new Rift crate, sporting the new Ethereal Title.
(Rift keys are currently only obtainable as a drop from Ancient crate, and soon to be donor crates )

Feel free to make suggestions as to what you think - Tribe <3

+ Added Rift keys to Skypacks at a rare chance
+ Restored /sell to donors.

(Please be careful as you can still sell Crystals, Fishbones, SIlk & Condensed Clouds )
+ Added Magna Blocks and Coral Blocks in,/shop
+ Added Iron Golem spawner to Rift crat
+ Added "The Biome Meter" to the Tools Section to the Fragment Trader.

(Using this item will unlock the ability to change your island biome!)
+ Added a new custom Nether! If you've already unlocked your nether, feel free to create a ticker ( or forum post) to get the new one pasted in! :D
(Built By KillerTeaPotsFTW!)

Updated Voting rewards
12: 18 MCMMO Credits
24: 24 Cloud Fragments
48: 6 Bonus keys
72: 50 MCMMO Credits
96: 6 Ancient Keys
120: 1 Trinket
144: 4 Rift Keys
174: 1 Zeppelin Key - 64 Cloud Fragments
186: 1 $8 Voucher -1 Zeppelin Key
204: 1 Primal Key - 256 Cloud Fragments - (1) 50% Money Booster - (1) 100% EXP Booster​

Staff Promotions

MrGrinnan has been promoted to Builder!

Content Agenda

Mythic Mobs: Balancing & working on exciting new updates
Items: Working on new Archaics & Relics
QoL: Weekly Updates & keeping tutorials up to date
Skyblock: Re-balancing, fixing & looking into suggestions
Brews: Thinking up new brews...
Events: Discussing future seasonal & weekly events
Working on balancing

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