Welcome to Camp Spooks (Halloween Mini Event)


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Apr 11, 2017
Indiana, United States
Happy Halloween

Camp Spooks would like to cordially invite you to a spooktacular hunt!

Our camp counselors lost all the candy we had for this year's Halloween party!! Now there's nothing to eat except dried pumpkin chips and moldy apple pie! o_O
We're offering rewards to whoever recovers the most candy! It's scattered all over the camp grounds! We need all the help we can get!

Join us at /t spawn Camp_Spooks on October 19th @ 4pm EST

You may find some leftover props from last years event scattered around the camp as well. Feel free to keep them as an extra bonus for helping us!
Old props may include (but are not limited to):

(Wait didn't we have counselors go missing with that echo last year? Eh, I'm sure it's safe.)

Just remember! We NEED that candy. Gather as much as you can and turn it in to the nearest counselor when you're done!

We're offering very mysterious, spooky shulker boxes for the 3 brave players who recover the most candy!

Do you have what it takes to survive Camp Spooks?

Special thanks to our camp counselors for decorating our camp with the scariest of decorations and for losing our candy.
Camp Counselors: FracturedDream, PandoraKisses, Cado08, Cupcakegirl484, Cassie2016, Karajan_Lupa, GrantTheGreat123, Aze__, 7XxLoneWolfxX7, and Jare

We are not responsible for injury or DEATH
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Dec 26, 2018
It's almost time!! Everyone get on your best costume, find your candy collecting buckets, and get ready to be spooked!
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