Winners of the March 2021 Build Event


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May 2, 2018
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We do apologize for the delay in announcing this event's finish. In the end, we had a tie for first place and had to have a vote-off.*

The Votes for the March 2021 Build Event are in!
The theme was 'Skywars Arena'
Congratulations to the Winners Below!!

Make a ticket on the discord or contact an Admin in-game to receive your rewards!

In First place, we have...
They win the ( Architect Title or 16$ Voucher ), 1x Maestrean Key and 1x Title Key!
[or (Architect Title or $16 Voucher), 1x Zeppelin Key and 4 Rift Keys]

Emmissy - March 2021.jpg

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In Second place, we have...
Redd & Texilated
They win 4x Mythic Keys, 1x Maestrean Key and 1x Title Key!
[or 8x Rift Keys and 1x Zeppelin Key]

Redd - March 2021.jpg

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Which means, we have...
HoudiniJD, Sarahmigo, LunaAki & Ladster!

They win 1x Maestrean Key, and 1x Title Key!
[or 1x Zeppelin Key and 4x Rift Keys]

HoudiniJD - March 2021.jpg

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Thank you to all the staff that had helped vote and set up the event!

Our build event for April will be open shortly! Visit /creative and use /warp buildevent to go there and get started!

*Did you know that normal players from Maestrea helped us pick this winner? Are you interested in directly having a say in some of the changes for Maestrea? Check out the #information channel in the Voting section on our Discord. Join our ranks of Maestrean voters!
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