Winners of the May 2019 Build Event!


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Feb 5, 2018

The Votes for the May 2019 Build Event are in!
Congratulations to the Winners Below =)

The prizes will be in their ender chests on towny
Contact an Admin if you haven't received your reward or if there are any issues

In First place, we have...
They win the ( Architect Title or 16$ Voucher ), 1x Maestrean Key, and 1x Title Key!

They built an adorable little village in a small, detailed mountainous area that leads to the mines.
This build takes first place in the dwarven build competition!

In Second place, we have...
They win 4x Mythic Keys, 1x Maestrean Key, and 1x Title Key
They built a run-down temple in a mountainous area, which takes second place in the dwarven build competition.

In Third place, we have...
They win 1x Maestrean Key, and 1x Title Key
With their beautiful hilly area, containing the entrance to the deep caves with a pond, their build takes third place!

Thank you to the 25 players who participated in the event.
Watch out for the next build event post coming in the near future!

Thanks to all the staff that voted and set up the event!
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