zara ban appeal

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Nov 28, 2018
United Kingdom
IGN: pwup (icebun now)
Reason for ban:

Length of ban: Permanent
Appeal: I was banned on August 10th earlier this year due to mainly toxicity and i just want to give a much needed and honest apology to both the community and the staff team. In the moment, i only focused on the reactions from my friends, making them laugh and would often brush off others and sometimes i didnt realise how severe my comments were because i was being enabled by others around me and they were joining in. Although im not excusing myself or my friends, as i am aware of how wrong and disrespectful my actions and words were and how far i crossed the line, i miss playing maestrea and the community that comes with it. Im really sorry and i hope even if im not given any more chances, that my apology will be considered and i can prove that my behaviour has improved
Proof(If needed):


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Jun 15, 2017
Thank you for taking the time to make an appeal.

I would as well like to thank you for apologizing.

Your ban has been reviewed by the staff team and we've decided that we will not be accepting your appeal at this time.

Appeal denied. Thread closed.
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