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Whoever sees this:
I challenge you to give someone, not someone you know or talk to, to give them a hug or compliment, maybe even both, and then pass the challenge on!
Do I still get vote rewards while banned?
As long as you vote daily, and your ban does not extend through the next voting period(start of a new month), you should get your votes when you are unbanned.
In-game name: Blazash
Items lost: a jeweler´s shovel, a nature axe, a diamond pickaxe with efficience 3 and unbreaking 2, 24 steaks and 6 stacks of dirt.
(Proof/Explanation): I was traveling in my boat, but i see a render failure, i navigated there because I thought there was no problem, but began to fall and began to lose life and the next thing I knew, I died in the void and lost my items.
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