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Can Someone Drop me the Maestrea discord server Link? for some reason the link on forums is not working for me.
Just wondering, whay SOAP so much like spavner grinding jobs, are corps realy that much laggy for server then spawners, also they are harder to abuse rules like autoclicker ...
Well just have fun!!
Not everyone likes to do farmer, I personally really dislike it and wouldn't want to do it no matter how much money you make. A lot of other people feel the same way, which is why we have a lot of different ways to make money, including the grinders even though they cause some lag :)
Yea IK that @Alexanderfh.

But must say, @BlueSoapTurtle and server ovners did some nice job fixing that tps, eaven when lots of players grind their jobs, tps stays above 13 ;P, so not everything is so bad ATM, also sometimes up time is above 36H and server runs good.
Whoever sees this:
I challenge you to give someone, not someone you know or talk to, to give them a hug or compliment, maybe even both, and then pass the challenge on!
An old black lady wearing white robes done something like this to me once, I was just walking home and she came up to me started saying 'thank you' and kissed me on the cheek a few times. Ever since then I've had the blessing of that lady.
Do I still get vote rewards while banned?
As long as you vote daily, and your ban does not extend through the next voting period(start of a new month), you should get your votes when you are unbanned.
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